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  Shenzhen Xin Chuang Meng Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. is a dedicated electronic hardware development, production, surface treatment, one-stop supplier, the company has many years of experience in CNC machining and surface treatment summary, the high starting point of high-precision private metal shell And precision metal parts CNC cutting technology processing service-oriented enterprises and processing equipment The introduction of German high-precision Siemens (high-speed 24,000 rpm, 850-stroke, 650-stroke) 16 sets of CNC machining center efficiency is 1.25 times the domestic equipment, the matching is perfect. Provide CNC machining, CNC milling products custom processing, the main processing products are: handheld PTZ, car navigation, UAV accessories, audio housings, UAV accessories, LED housings, radiators, mobile phone accessories, aluminum alloy shell Wait。
  Shenzhen Xin Chuang Meng Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. with striving for the industry finishing the belief in order to establish the concept of full improvement, dare to believe in confidence, the pursuit of excellence in innovation, integration of various industries related to various types of raw materials, die-casting, hardware Stamping, powder metallurgy, extrusion profiles and a variety of surface treatment, oxidation, electroplating, paint, polishing, laser engraving and other resources, combined with its own powerful CNC machining, CNC milling and other full capacity advantages. For the industry in high-end products to provide a supermarket-based high-tech services production one-stop service!
  Lean production is our principle, to meet customer needs is our pursuit, to achieve win-win is our goal; Xin Chuang UNITA mechanical and electrical after years of development will be a new look, continue to uphold the "concept, habits, confidence, innovation, integrity" Business philosophy, in the "pursuit of excellence, integrity hospitality" continue to improve their equipment, technology and management capabilities, and strive to meet customer demand for the production of one-stop service。
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