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CNC machining considerations

  Shenzhen Xin Chong UNITA Electrical and Mechanical Technology Co., Ltd. told you that CNC machining need to pay attention to what matters:

      1. Before processing each program, it is necessary to strictly confirm that the tool is consistent with the program;

      2. When installing the knife to confirm the length of the tool and the choice of folder knife bit is appropriate;

      3. In the operation of the machine is prohibited from opening the door to avoid flying knife or flying parts;

      4. During the process of machining, if the operator found the hitter, the operator must stop immediately, press the "emergency stop" button or the "reset button" or set the "feed rate" to zero.

      5. In the same workpiece each time the knife needs to be maintained in the same area to ensure the accuracy of the knife when the knife CNC machining center operation rules;

      6. If you find excessive machining allowance during machining, you must use "single segment" or "pause" to clear the value of X, Y, Z and then manually mow it off and then shake it back to "zero point" run;

      7. Operators in their own operation may not leave the machine or regularly view the machine tool operating conditions, such as leaving the middle must be designated to see the relevant personnel;

      8 in the knife before the oil knife to clean the aluminum slag to prevent aluminum slag oil;

      9. In the rough program to open the gas blowing, the light knife program is injected;

      10. After the workpiece under the machine to be cleaned to deburring;

      11. At get off work, the operator must be prompt and accurate transfer to ensure that the follow-up processing can be carried out normally;

      12. Shutdown to ensure that the original magazine in the original position, XYZ axis stopped in the middle position, turn off the machine control panel power and total power;

      13. When it comes to thunderstorm, you must cut off the power to stop working immediately.

      Out of the above points, there are many things we need to always pay attention, the system should pay attention to the machine should pay attention to maintenance, in fact, most of the time, the machine will be bad, to a large extent and the user's improper operation, not Regular machine maintenance, do not pay attention to check the machine before starting, not preheating, some companies due to the environment is not good, the machine is long in dark and humid, dusty, oil and a variety of other chemical liquid corrosion, as well as production personnel unauthorized move the machine , Are likely to cause problems with the machine, in fact, if the timely handling of these issues, then the absolute useful life of our machine will be much longer, the machining accuracy and performance will be long as new, the loss will be greatly reduced to zero The frequency of replacement of parts is reduced, eliminating a lot of time and cost

In the process of operation if there is any abnormal phenomenon, please contact the manufacturer in time, so as to avoid unnecessary losses.
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