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CNC precision parts derusting What are the ways?

  Precision parts processing or accessories When the bearing due to inventory conditions or improper rust will have embroidered basic mechanical method can not be used, and chemical pickling will damage the accuracy of the parts. The sea Shuoda technology based on many years of processing experience, summed up some of the rust removal methods, no damage to the workpiece, the parts will not change, will not be corroded. High-precision parts rework or repair. Due to inventory or improper transport caused by the surface rust generated parts, the use of Colleen-306 can be very perfect removal of rust, but also to ensure the accuracy of the original;
First, soak cleaning process
      1 Professional cleaning liquid into the tank (preferably with plastic or stainless steel tank, so as to reduce iron ions into the liquid to reduce the service life);
      2 heated with electric heaters to 40-50 degrees and maintained at room temperature may only need to extend the time;
      3 metal parts soak into the tank;
      4 If you need to further improve the efficiency, increase the circulating pump to stir the bath;
      5 to be rust all dissolved after removing the workpiece, and rinse with water-based rust inhibitor;
      6 after rinsing natural drying or drying, or direct dehydration rust;
      7 If necessary, carry out a comprehensive rust prevention and transfer to the next process.
Second, wipe the cleaning process
      1 with a rag 醮 repeatedly wipe, this approach is suitable for large equipment or parts cleaning rust;
      2 After wiping, dry with a hot air or natural anti-rust oil can be coated.

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