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Five-axis machining technology development

  Five-axis machining technology is a typical multi-axis machining technology, five-axis machining center is a carrier of five-axis machining technology, refers to a turning function-based, and integrated milling and boring functions, at least three straight into Axis and 2 circumferential feed axes, together with the automatic tool change system of machine tools. This machining compound machining center was developed on the basis of the three-axis turning center, which is equivalent to the compounding of a turning center and a machining center. It is a composite processing technology developed in the 1990s and is a new type of machining technology developed in the traditional machinery Design technology and precision manufacturing technology, based on the integration of advanced modern control technology, precision measurement technology and CAD / CAM application of advanced machining technology. Five-axis machining center in the performance of its design concept. In the general concept of machining, the processing of a part, as little as one or two processes, as many as hundreds of processes, to go through the processing of multiple devices to complete, to prepare knives, tooling fixture. For complex parts, it takes three or five months for a toolset to be prepared, and three or five months are likely to miss out on many commodity opportunities and strategic opportunities, regardless of economic costs. In mass production industries such as automobiles and home appliances, in order to improve the efficiency and automation level, the automated production line is widely used. The huge logistics system constitutes a major part of the automatic line. At the same time, it is a part of money and land occupation, The processing of complex surface, logistics is a big problem. Many parts of the fixture and the benchmark conversion, and sometimes bring unnecessary processes, but also to make parts machining accuracy loss. Five-axis machining complex machining center from the design concept to solve this problem, it is a fixture, the completion of the processing range of all or most of the processes, from composite processing to achieve a complete leap.
      Five-axis machining compound machining center from generation to date, nearly 20 years of history, technology has matured and been accepted and recognized by users at home and abroad. From the trend point of view, mainly to the following direction:
      (1) a higher technological range.
By adding special function modules, to achieve more process integration. For example, gear machining, internal and external grinding, deep hole machining, cavity processing, laser hardening, online measurement and other functions integrated into the machining center, and truly complete the processing of all complex parts.
      (2) more efficient.
Through the configuration of dual power head, dual spindle, double turret and other functions, to achieve multi-knife simultaneous processing, improve processing efficiency.
      (3) large-scale.
As large parts are generally more complicated structure, requiring more parts and processes to be processed, positioning and installation time-consuming parts, and processing one of the main advantages of composite processing is to reduce the parts in the multi-process and multi-process more Times to re-install and adjust the clamping time, so the processing center for complex processing more favorable. So now five-axis machining complex machining center is large-scale development.
      (4) Structure Modularity and function can be quickly reorganized
The rapid reorganization of the functions of a five-axis machining center is an important condition for its rapid response to market demands and its ability to seize the market. Structural modularity is the basis for a rapid reorganization of the functions of a five-axis machining center. Many products from some state-of-the-art manufacturers have implemented a modular architecture design and are working toward how to quickly refactor functions.
      Five-axis machining technology advanced concept is to improve product quality and shorten the product manufacturing cycle. Therefore, this technology has considerable advantages in the fields of military, aviation, aerospace, shipbuilding and some civilian industries. In particular, it has advantages in the processing of some shaped and complex shaped parts in the aerospace field. Therefore, In the field, a large number of such equipment are used instead of the traditional processing equipment, while the domestic one is relatively backward in this respect. Therefore, it is necessary to draw on the advanced experience of other countries and strive to change the backwardness in the application field of five-axis processing technology.
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