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cnc processing and CNC machining compared to what are the advantages?

  The so-called five-axis machining here refers to a machine on at least five axes (three linear coordinates and two rotary coordinates), but also under the control of the computer numerical control (CNC) system to coordinate the movement for processing. This five-axis CNC machining and general three-axis CNC machining compared to the following advantages:
First, you can process the general three-axis can not be processed or difficult to complete the processing of a smooth, continuous installation of free-form surface. Such as blades of aeroengines and steam turbines, screw propellers for naval vessels, and many other cases and molds with special surfaces and complex cavities and holes, such as ordinary three-axis numerical control, because of the relative position of the tool relative to the workpiece Position and attitude in the process can not be changed, the processing of some complex free-form surface, there may be interference or under-processing (that is, not processing). However, when machining with a five-axis machine tool, the position and orientation of the tool / workpiece can be adjusted at any time during the machining process to avoid the interference of the tool workpiece and complete the machining in one clamping.
Second, you can improve the processing accuracy, quality and efficiency of free-form space. For example, three-axis machining complex surfaces, the use of ball-end milling cutter, ball milling cutter is formed by point contact, cutting efficiency is low, and the tool / workpiece position and orientation in the process can not be adjusted, it is generally difficult to guarantee The best cutting point on the ball-end mill (ie, the highest point on the ball head) is cut, and there is a possibility that the cutting point will fall on the center of rotation of the ball-end knife at a linear velocity of zero. The use of five-axis machine tool, the tool / workpiece position and orientation adjustable at any time, you can not only avoid this situation, but also from time to time to make full use of the best tool cutting point for cutting, or wire contact forming Screw end mills instead of point-contact ball-end mills can even be milled by further optimizing the tool / workpiece position and orientation to achieve higher cutting speeds and line widths for higher cutting Efficiency and better machined surface quality.
Third, the advantages of mold processing. In the traditional mold processing, the general use of vertical machining center to complete the workpiece milling. With the continuous development of mold manufacturing technology, some of the weaknesses of the vertical machining center itself have become more and more obvious. Modern mold processing commonly used ball-end milling cutter processing, ball milling cutter in the mold processing benefits are obvious, but if the vertical machining center, then the bottom of the line speed is zero, so the bottom of the finish is poor , If the use of four, five-axis machining tool machining technology, you can overcome the above shortcomings. The use of five-axis machine tool processing mold can be completed quickly mold, fast delivery, better ensure the quality of mold processing, mold processing easier, and make the mold easier to modify.
Five-axis linkage technology to strengthen the mold industry's significance
China should catch up with or surpass the developed countries in the manufacturing industry. On the basis of vigorously developing its own CNC and mold industries, China should actively promote the application of high-grade CNC equipment, including appropriate import of advanced foreign CNC machining centers. Because of high-end CNC machine tools, mold in the forefront of the manufacturing industry chain. The level of mold product quality, to a large extent, is subject to CNC machining equipment. Five-axis linkage is the representative of high-end CNC. For a long time, the western industrialized countries headed by the United States have always regarded the five-axis linkage numerical control machine tool system as an important strategic material and implemented an export licensing system. Developing countries not only have difficulty in production R & D, but also have great resistance in introducing them
The reason why a five-axis CNC machine tool is important is that it can process mechanical parts with complex surfaces, especially in solving the problems of impellers, blades, marine propellers and large diesel crankshafts. Therefore, high-precision CNC machine tools for a country's military, aerospace, precision medical equipment, scientific research, precision instruments and other industries have a decisive influence, called "the soul of manufacturing."
Modern CNC machine tools first developed by the United States, Japan, Germany and other developed countries. Therefore, from the current situation, the technical content of imports is relatively better than domestic ones, but the quality of products developed by some domestic enterprises is gradually catching up. On the basis of appropriate introduction of advanced foreign technologies and equipment, we should pay attention to digestion and absorption and steadily develop the high-end CNC industry in our country. To rely blindly on imports will surely keep China's manufacturing sector under control of the entire national economy. However, any advancement in science and technology in human history is based on the shoulders of giants. To abandon the existing cutting-edge science and technology in other countries is undoubtedly a kind of thinking behind closed doors and arrogance.
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