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CNC CNC machining, CNC lathe classification

CNC CNC Machining CNC lathe how to tell the classification
According to the spindle configuration form classification
1. Horizontal CNC lathe
CNC CNC machining spindle encoder spindle synchronous optical pulse generator, the device can be through the gear on the intermediate shaft 1: 1 with the spindle synchronous rotation can also be flexible shaft coupling coaxial installation.
2. Vertical CNC lathe
According to the number of axes controlled by the CNC system
1. Two-axis control of CNC lathes
Only one rotary turret on the machine can realize two-coordinate control.
2. Four-axis control of the CNC lathe
CNC machining environment to avoid direct light and other heat radiation, to avoid too wet or dusty places, especially to avoid corrosion of the place
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