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Second, programming 1, programmers must be "time-saving and efficient" as the basic principles of programming; 2, can not take a straight line when walking arcs, arcs do not go the curve, to minimize the procedure; 3, thick rough knife, knife fine gongs; bold move forward, knife clear angle; 4, to go through the path of the surface as complete as possible smooth, less surface finish; 5, the surface processing, milling in parallel is the most efficient, radial processing is followed, the surface of the case can be two paths; 6, to avoid stepping on the knife, you can use fixed-point knife and screw the knife method; 7, the processing center anti-grab knife device, the use of Shun milling can make the chip removal smooth, get a more polished surface; 8, processing copper, gold and other soft metals, try not to use coated tungsten steel knife; 9, the inner frame shape milling, we should pay attention to changing the corner feed rate, to prevent the three planes at the same time appear when the knife cut and knife knife phenomenon; 10, the tool table and processing description to be detailed, so that technicians quickly transfer machine; 11, after finishing all finishing, if necessary, please add a procedure to go to the front to ensure that the product is beautiful and not to hurt the hand; 12, the general principle of stone processing is based on the size of the stone to determine the length of the claw and the depth of the hole, the programming according to the following formula: Paw length = (stone) diameter * 1/6 hole depth = (stone) diameter * 2 / 3 13, CNC self-designed stone bitmap, to be completed in the stone bit program to print to the design room; 14, there is less than 1.5 drill hole drilling, to be coupled with M0 to facilitate the operator to check the status of drilling; 15, please avoid using 3D line frame to take the path, it is often wrong procedures; 16, two-dimensional milling is prohibited to use the mirror path, tool radius compensation will be wrong; 17, pay attention to the drawings used in each production can not use the original saved drawings, be sure to use the latest version of the file cabinet to reduce the error rate; 18, copy the 3D map from the design studio must at the same time ask for technical drawings, carefully check after the path; 19, a complete program must be completed after the first product is completed, so programmers can not throw the program to the technician to do the thing, but to carry out the necessary technical tracking until the first piece is completed; 20, the product must have a reasonable process planning, think about what to do next, do not blindly "open wave." Third, transfer machine To illustrate the transfer process important part of the process: Fourth, quality 1, the scope of work A, the scope of work of the technician: a, product adjustment; b, quality control c, machine maintenance; d, product processing time records; e, health supervision B, the scope of the operator's work: a, dress up product b, product self-test c, production reports; d, working environment health; 2, the product in the process of processing, to gently, to prevent flowers, collapse; 3, the production of large goods must have a measurement of the base, there is no base can not be produced; 4, the use of standard pin regulations, the use of silk card pin gauge size; 5, there are artifacts within the frame structure, which can not have approved Feng; 6, debugging the first piece is completed, the technician must self-test, and then be confirmed by the Quality Department, no quality department's written confirmation of the file, can not be produced; 7, the basic size of the product after passing the assembly test must be in order to carry out production; 8, waste, defective to identify clearly, classified display; 9, day and night shift work to be clearly understood, this class of products to indicate producers and testers; 10, remember: a good product is made, not detected! ! Fifth, maintenance In accordance with the maintenance of various machines, tools, maintenance requirements: Regular lubrication Regularly clean the filter; Clean steel slag Wipe the machine, floor oil; Rust protection notice Recently, there are two consecutive diamond knife knife improper operation, resulting in jump, as shown: Now solemnly remind you technicians, diamond knives are non-metallic material, the knife on the knife, the knife tip although the knife has been exposed to the knife surface, but the light will not light, I strongly urge you when the knife in accordance with Figure II The process shown on the knife: 1, manual X100 rapid move X, Y, Z axis to the knife in the knife area, move the Z axis to the position of the knife 3MM, shift X10; 2, Manual X10 moves the Z axis to the position of 1MM away from the knife surface, shift X1; 3, with a thickness of about 0.15MM small note (note the note to be smooth without wrinkles) the right hand with the X1 file to move down the Z axis, the left hand back and forth to twitch the small note, until you feel the tip slightly touch the small Paper can be no longer move down, otherwise the tip will collapse! Advise you to the knife when the knife in the knife area within the knife, try to use the manual device, so that controllability is better to avoid the tool inserted bad knife occurred.
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