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What is precision machinery parts processing

What is precision machinery parts processing, you know?
What is precision machinery parts processing, as the name suggests it is a kind of machining, but more sophisticated processing, with the continuous development of industry and demand changes, the tight machining has changed a lot, its classification more and more As long as its direction is more and more detailed, the direction of more and more specialized, with the development of science and technology it continues to improve, the quality and accuracy of processing is also getting higher and higher. Technological and economic development that the direction of close mechanical development.
Since the emergence of machinery, there is a corresponding mechanical parts. But as a discipline, mechanical parts are separated from mechanics and mechanics. With the development of machinery industry, new design theory and method, new materials and new technology, mechanical parts have entered a new stage of development. Theory of finite element method, fracture mechanics, elastic hydrodynamic lubrication, optimization design, reliability design, CAD, solid modeling (Pro, Ug, Solidworks, etc.), system analysis and design methodology, For mechanical parts research and design. To better integrate a variety of disciplines, to achieve the combination of macroscopical and microcosmic, to explore new principles and structures, to adopt more dynamic design and precise design, to make more efficient use of electronic computers and to further develop design theories and methods An important trend in the development of a discipline.
Therefore, the future of precision machinery more and more integrated, it is not the original simple mechanical processing, it combines high-tech and precisely play its role better, especially the digital processing of its development has made a qualitative leap . It will become an important science in the future. Services in industrial development.
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