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Precision machinery parts processing methods which

What are the precision machining parts processing methods, precision machining is a more detailed industry, its production corresponding to other more sophisticated machine tool processing, the process is relatively complex, the quality of the product error is still very strict requirements. The following detailed explanation of the precision machining methods:
(1) depends on the method of machining precision machinery parts to look at the classification of machine parts
The important parts of the installation of machine parts classification can be divided into: box, base, spindle, flange, sheet metal and so on.
(2) the classification of production processes
Corresponding to different processes have different equipment, the most common is the lathe (including CNC, general car), milling machine, planer, grinder, rocker drill, wire cutting machine, heat treatment furnace and so on. Large-scale propeller in the military industry must use five-axis four-linkage motive machine.
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