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Milling characteristics

Precision parts processing - the characteristics of milling
Milling is the use of rotating multi-blade cutting tool, is a highly efficient processing method. Workpiece rotation (the main movement), workpiece movement (for the feed movement), the workpiece can also be fixed, but at this time the tool must be rotated to move (both the main movement and feed movement). Milling machine with horizontal milling machine or vertical milling machine, there are large gantry milling machine. These machines can be ordinary machine, it can be a CNC machine.
Rotary milling cutter as a tool for cutting. Milling is generally carried out in the milling machine or boring machine, suitable for machining planes, grooves, a variety of forming surface (such as milling keys, gears and threads) and the special shape of the mold.
Milling features are:
① milling cutter teeth periodically involved in intermittent cutting;
② the cutting thickness of each tooth in the cutting process is changing;
③ feed per tooth αf (mm / tooth), said milling cutter per tooth over a period of time the 
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