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Red fastener

Red fastener

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Product category / name

Fastener parts processing custom

Optional processing materials

Aluminum, copper, titanium, stainless steel and more

Standard sizes

Various sizes

Selection of color

various colors

Surface treatment

Blasting, drawing, polishing, anodizing, laser engraving or according to customer requirements to complete the surface treatment

2D / 3D drawing

1.3D drawings to be provided by the customer
2. Support drawing formats are AI, SLD, PRT, TGS Auto Cad PDF, JPEG and so on

Manufacturing processes

Order program customization - programming - preparation - CNC machining - QC testing - surface treatment - QC quality control - finished product shipments

Processing type

CNC turning
CNC milling machine processing
Aluminum extrusion
Casting processing
Aluminum stamping parts
Custom metal stamping
Surface treatment
Fixture manufacturing
Mold casting
Punch / deburring

Quality control

Material Quality Inspection - Precision Quality Inspection - Appearance Quality Inspection - Structural Quality Inspection - Surface Treatment Quality Inspection - Packaging Quality Inspection

Quality inspection process

Material Procurement - Material Testing - Material Storage - Receipt picking - CNC Processing - QC Initial Inspection - Surface Treatment - QC Inspection - Packaging Storage - Packaging Inspection - Delivery

Testing Equipment

2.5 million yuan diameter gauge micrometer diameter micrometer electronic caliper

Applicable industry

Car and motorcycle bicycle parts, digital products, communications, medical, optical, lighting, surveillance, photographic camera, model cars, remote control aircraft, aerospace, instrumentation, electrical and electronic

  • Factory scale
  • Factory area: 1000 square meters
  • Main Products: Medical Products, Communication Products, Digital Housings, Electronic Cigarette Accessories, Profile Radiators, LED Lighting Enclosures, Die Casting CNCs, Communication Precision Components, Auto Parts Processing, CNC Precision Machining, Drone Accessories, Mobile Phones Frame protector shell
  • Workers: 25 people
  • Production of major machine tools: Siemens machining center New generation of CNC cars Aluminum cutting machine Milling machine Grinding machine Centrifuge
  • Single product ex-factory price: The best price for customers, a large number of excellent
  • Engineering Department
  • Master sample engineer Number of engineers: 5
  • Platemaking equipment: CNC Lathe CNC machining center
  • Quality Control Department
  • Raw material quality inspection: According to raw material standards
  • Intermediate Control: IPQC Tracking
  • Shipment inspection: testing according to standards and customer requirements
  • Outbound inspection: According to the relevant document specification
  • First-class technical team to meet the special requirements of different companies
  • More than 5 years of actual combat experience, customized hundreds of thousands of special specifications for thousands of enterprise factories
  • One-on-one professional service, from the customer to the problem to the production of products and then to the post-sale specialist one-on-one responsibility, eliminating the many annoyance in the middle.
1. What is the minimum batch size for processing customization and how does the proofing fee be calculated?
A: The minimum order quantity is subject to business communication and negotiation. The proofing fee is usually more expensive than the price of large goods, because it is impossible to call the material supplier a zero-cut piece when the material is under, and CNC wire-cutting programming is impossible. Production is as convenient.
2. Why are some manufacturers high and some manufacturers low?
A: Each factory has the operating mode of each factory, although the machining equipment is similar, but the workmanship and responsibility are very different, the price can not be simply price or size to locate, any product that is out of quality and service is a The sale of hammers will not last long. We only make the best products, receive each customer with the fastest speed and best service, and let every customer become our long-term customers.
3. What is the cooperation process?
1 Customer provides drawings (format: CAD, PDF, STP) or samples. The following information is clear on drawings: number of machining, material, precision tolerances, surface treatment and special requirements. The company can make appropriate modifications or designs according to customer requirements. .
2 Quote time (given in the fastest 5 minutes, the slowest 24 hours, except for special circumstances), receive drawings or samples, must give customers reply.
2. Price
Negotiate with customers and promise to do the best to provide lower prices. But price is not the only factor in our service. Quality, delivery, after-sales, and service attitude are equally important.
3. Quality
1 Equipment protection: We are a physical factory, well-equipped, with lathes, milling machines, grinders, drill presses, wire cutting (fast, slow), CNC (car, milling), engraving machines, etc.
2Quality inspectors: There is someone to do relevant inspection on the parts
3 service team: arrange professional responsible person to follow up
4. Delivery period
1 Production time: Merchandiser follow-up, if the delivery period has changed, communicate with the customer 2 days in advance;
2 logistics delivery: due to the heavy weight of mechanical products, the delivery method needs to be negotiated by both parties. For smaller products, the delivery is mainly for express delivery. For larger or heavy products, logistics or motor shipments are also expected. Specific consensus.
5. After sales
After the customer receives the product, if the product does not meet the requirements, first of all, we first analyze where the problem is, if it is our processing error, we will arrange for the first time to re-do or a full refund, if it is due to the buyer drawing errors Retirement of the product is negotiated separately. Any problems can be satisfactorily resolved through communication and negotiation until you are satisfied.
Shenzhen Xinchuangmeng Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. is a one-stop supplier dedicated to electronic product hardware development, production, surface treatment, and the company has many years of experience in CNC machining and surface treatment. This high starting point and high input private precision metal casing And precision hardware CNC cutting high-tech processing service enterprises, processing equipment imported from Germany's high-precision Siemens (high-speed 24000 rpm, 850 trips, 650 trips) 16 CNC machining centers. The various supporting is very complete. Provide CNC machining, CNC turning and milling products, Xin Chuangmeng Mechanical and Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. has a professional technical production team and advanced production and processing equipment, and promises to deliver high-precision, high-quality products on time.
Our aim: integrity-based, cheaper prices, quality assurance.
Welcome new and old customers to call or interview ordering style.

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